Google Ads vs Facebook Ads: Best for Your Business

But the question arises, which type of ad is actually better and suited the best for your long-term business plans?

Google Vs. Facebook ads- a tale as old as (digital) time! This ongoing battle of which type of ad performs better and is lucrative for your business has had marketers playing for both sides as both have something unique to offer.

As a consumer, we bet you have come across both types of ads; Google ads after searching for something on any popular search engine and Facebook ads while scrolling on any of the meta platforms!

But the question arises, which type of ad is actually better and suited the best for your long-term business plans? Keep on reading as we highlight the importance of both these ads and how they can benefit your business.

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads: Which Is Better?

A digital marketing plan is incomplete without any type of ads, be it Google or Facebook. Every type of business, established or upcoming, small or large, is in a race to market itself via ads.

Using ads to promote your business or any type of service is the fastest way to reach your target audience quicker as there's only a certain amount of traffic you can direct via organic channels. Ads also allow you to have a direct communication flow with your audience, and educate them about your brand.

Paid ads also help with lead generation, bump up website traffic, improve engagement, warrant sales, etc. Eventually, it boils down to the current industry leaders, Facebook & Google ads, who help bring the traffic to you.

If you are working with a Digital Marketing Agency, then it's viable that you understand how to leverage both these ad forms to bring in more business. And in the ever-growing digital hub that is Dubai, it is crucial to harness the power of ads using the right platforms!

But first-- let's familiarise ourselves with both types of ads in order to understand which one is a better fit, for your business.

Google Ads

Google ads are the targeted, 'sponsored' results a user sees whenever they search anything on any of the popular search engines. The advertisers bid on these spots and only pay when anyone clicks on any of the links.

Using relevant keywords will ensure that your ad gets featured as one of the top results and also helps grab your audience's attention, who are looking for specific products on the search engine, relevant to your business.

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Facebook Ads

As the name implies, Facebook ads are the ads you see in the Meta world (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Threads) which includes the ads on the feed, stories, in-between reels, and Facebook Messenger. These types of ads are also called 'Paid Social ads'.

Social media has garnered millions of users in the past couple of years, with thousands of people signing up every day. It has become an online destination because of the 'shareability' and the 'virality' factors. The ads are versatile- can be static, videos, carousels, and of different dimensions that can also be shared by the users in a single click with multiple people. These features allow every advertiser to quickly run ads in any of the above-mentioned formats and reach the target audience.

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Now that you know the difference between Google and Facebook ads, let's quickly browse through a few factors that will make it easier to determine which one is most suitable for your business.

  • Budget

Before jumping on the advertising bandwagon, determine & plan out your spending budget. With Google ads, the ad performance depends on the efforts made in searching and targeting the right set of keywords. And if you have certain budget constraints, then avoid bidding on keywords with a higher cost per click.

For example, if it will cost you 50 AED to target a certain keyword, you can use the same budget to run ads on the Meta platform, with more visibility and engagement.

  • Buyer's Intent

A major disparity between both types of ads is the way they are presented to you. For example, a Google ad will be displayed only when you search for a particular product, as a prompt response to your search.

Meanwhile, the ads on Meta come as a surprise, whenever you're using the app. These short-term ads are based on your activity and if you do interact with an ad, you will notice more ads of the same category being shown to you.

Now think-what if a user wants to buy something they saw while scrolling on one of the apps, what will they do? They will Google it as they are more likely to use the search engine than wait patiently for the ad to be shown again.

With that being said, if your end goal is to create noise and generate awareness, then you should consider opting for Facebook ads for your business, and if the goal is to generate sales, then opt for Google ads.

  • Formats

The next thing to consider is the type and format of the ad you wish to run. For example, if you want to show a reel where someone is talking about a product, and reviewing it, then running a Facebook is the right choice. It allows you to present a visually appealing ad consisting of videos, images, gifs, etc. They also allow the users to interact with the ads; like, comment, share, and ask queries.

On the other hand, Google PPC ads are simple ads that take you to the destined page, with the intent of you, a potential customer, making a purchase. It is also not as flexible with its formats.

  • Target Audience

The type of ad you decide to run depends ultimately on the target audience. As mentioned before, the predominant factor in Google ads (PPC) is the usage of keywords. By researching and analysing the average cost per click of the shortlisted keywords, it will give you a fair idea about the budget, as well as the behaviours and the user journey. This data helps with your PPC ads as you get a fair overview of the target audience.

On the other hand, Facebook ads target active users on Meta platforms, who are interacting with similar content/ads as your business in the hope of getting more conversions. These ads are typically not targeted to a certain audience and randomly appear in our feeds. By interacting with these ads, Facebook ads track similar users and display the ad to the right audience.

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