Best Video Marketing Strategies

Here's why you might be missing out if you aren't leveraging video marketing strategies.

The journey of creating videos and using them as a part of a marketing strategy started in 2005 with the launch of the world's most popular video-sharing platform, YouTube. And when Google bought the popular video-sharing site, it led to them running ads on the site, therefore encouraging more creators to leverage the use of videos as a promotional tactic.

With the rise of multiple social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram, the ability to share videos on other platforms saw a meteoric rise. As the technology to create instant videos became more accessible and easier, the introduction of 'reels' on Instagram & Facebook is another example of how social media platforms are leveraging video marketing to promote relevant businesses. Even Snapchat introduced their 'Spotlight' feature in 2020 where users can watch short-form videos for entertainment. Another great example of why using videos should be a part of your marketing strategy is TikTok. The video-sharing app saw an immense boost in the way users consume short-form videos, leading to brands adding it as a part of their video marketing strategies.

Let's learn more about the best video marketing strategies you can incorporate.

Best Video Marketing Strategies

No doubt that our smartphones have made consuming video content easier, faster, and one of the most dominant forms of consuming entertainment. Here's why you might be missing out if you aren't leveraging video marketing strategies.

But first, let's learn how you can create a video marketing strategy or have a video marketing agency do it for you.

  • Be clear about who you are targeting and why
  • Do a little research about your target audience and where they spend most of their time online
  • Connect with a known Video Marketing Agency in Dubai, such as Hawk Eye LLC
  • Set a budget and timeline for your video requirements
  • Develop specific strategies and messaging you wish to convey via your videos
  • Choose the platform(s) where you'll post & share the videos on
  • Decide if you will boost the video or not. Boosting is highly recommended as you can set your target audience easily and quickly
  • Set up trackable metrics to keep a tab on the performance
Types Of Videos

Here are some common types of videos that brands use to popularise their online presence-

  • Demo videos
  • Brand-based videos
  • Interviews
  • How to type videos
  • Animated videos
  • Reviews & consumer testimonials
  • 360° videos
  • Live videos
  • AI videos

Now let's talk about the best video marketing strategies.

Set your goals: What do you wish to convey with your video? Do you wish to educate the audience, talk about USPs, or some new features of a product, highlight some services, or simply generate more leads? Once your goal is clear, then strategize accordingly.

Find a video content company: If you want to create a professional video, then get in touch with a video content agency that can help bring your vision to life. They will have the proper equipment such as talented videographers, proper cameras, lenses, lighting equipment, mics, audio cables, and even a studio to shoot the videos professionally.

Not only that, the marketing agency will also edit the video for you, ensuring that your video looks top-notch and can be promoted on multiple platforms.

Optimise: When your video is in its final stage, make sure you optimise it well. As a part of the video marketing services, ask the agency to use relevant hooks to make it more appealing; trending audio, content, etc.

Get, set, promote: Now that you have a finished video in hand, it's time to promote it on various platforms;

  • Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, and X (formerly known as Twitter)
  • Third-Party Collaterals: Vimeo, Vistia, SandSpark, and even on apps

Track and measure: Once the video is shared on relevant platforms, keep an eye on it to see how it is performing; are people interacting with it? Are they sharing it? Are they clicking the ads? Are they visiting the website?

Make sure you track the analytics regularly to see the performance of your videos.

If you are looking for an agency that can leverage video marketing strategies to promote your business to another level, then contact Hawk Eye LLC.

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