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Social Media Marketing or SMM is a form of digital marketing that leverages the power of popular social media platforms that help achieve your branding & marketing targets.

Using the cogent power of social media channels, a person, brand, or even a business can reach the right target audience, resolve queries, and interact with consumers easily, among few things, as compared to traditional marketing methods.

Social Media Marketing is not just about regularly posting on relevant channels but it also involves habitually interacting with followers, answering their queries, and replying to comments, tags & DMs; which constitutes as ORM or Online Reputation Management.

Here's how you can include Social Media Marketing as a part of your brand's strategy and gain more trust in the digital world;

  • Optimise your profiles and fill in all the relevant details
  • Regularly posting; pictures, videos, reels, stories, and even conduct lives for a more interactive experience
  • Responding to DMs, story replies, comments timely
  • Following relevant accounts and engaging with potential customers, influencers, and even celebrities to create noise and build a community around your business/brand.
  • Create relevant, heartfelt campaigns to attract new, potential global audiences and also become viral!

Talking about the viral aspect of the campaigns, there is another way to leverage social media and reach the target audience quickly and that is via advertising your brand or services. It not only creates awareness across multiple platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok but also helps your business reach a large volume of audience.

Now, let's talk about the benefits of using Social Media for Business and why it is a powerful digital marketing tool.

Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

With such widespread versatility, promoting on social media channels is one of the most preferred & effective ways to market your business today. Here are a few more reasons why you need at least one social media account;

Makes your business look legit: Having a social media account makes your brand look more legit as it makes it easier for the followers to keep up with the latest updates, news, new launches, offers, and whatnot.

Reaches more people quickly: Having a social media presence enables a user to tap into a new set of audience like never before. The interaction is quicker, responses get faster, and enables you to have a personal relationship with the followers. The 'sharing' factor also makes it easier to share a post/video/reel with everyone within a few seconds.

Constant promotion: Unlike offline media such as newspapers or magazines, your 'presence' is always maintained online, even if you do not post or interact for a couple of days.

Instant solution: Because of your brand's online presence, anyone can comment, share, reply or even slide into the DMs if they have a query, confusion, suggestions, etc.

Since multiple people can have access to a particular account, anyone from the tram can interact with the audience, leading to a more trusting community.

Lead generation and traffic: There are multiple 'free' options to promote your business or links, therefore driving more traffic to your website or a particular webpage. You can add the link to your profile's bio, share via DMs, and even put up swipe-up links on your stories. The possibilities are endless, really!

You can also attract more people to your page through constant interaction and having a few call-to-action options such as calling option, adding your email, or the link to your WhatsApp. Consumers these days want a solution as soon as possible and these options make it easier to resolve queries.

Increase brand awareness: Constant posting is not not just common social media etiquette but will also increase brand awareness. You can tell your followers all about your brand, its inception story, promote offers, do multiple collaborations (with influencers or other brands), etc.

It will not only improve the consumer-brand interaction but also enhance engagement and in turn, yield better results for all your future campaigns.

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